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SOLID pure nickel strip 8mm x .15mm x 10ft long (3Meters). Thick and sturdy, solid 99.96% PURE nickel Ni tape for battery spot welding 18650 cells


  • Solid 99.96% PURE nickel throughout, NOT plated steel.
  • .15mm thick and 8mm wide.
  • 10 foot long strip for big projects (roughly 3 meters long).
  • Perfect for spot welding 18650 cells.
  • .15mm thickness for increased strength and conductivity.
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This listing is for 10 feet of pure nickel strip – size 8mm wide and .15mm thick.

This is NOT nickel plated steel, this is 99.96% pure nickel throughout.

If you’re looking for nickel plated steel, we have that as well, for much less, just search amazon for

“Nickel PLATED strip 8mm x .15mm x 10ft long (3Meters). Sunbeam”


– 99.96% pure nickel throughout
– .15mm thick for increased conductivity.
– 8mm wide to fit on 18650 cells perfectly.
– Convenient 10 foot long length (roughly 3 meters) for big projects.

There is an easy way to tell if the strip you are using is plated steel or pure nickel. Put a piece of it on a grinding wheel. If there are LOTS of sparks as it grinds down, then it is steel. If there are very few sparks, then it is pure nickel.


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